Saturday, May 7, 2011

My first post- About a nightmare

I am going to write a blog which can record my various thoughts coming straight from heart... It surely would give me a lot of pleasure..... I am certainly going to initiate something good... Isn't it?

People would do all the auspicious deeds before initiating something; they would put incense stick , they would blow a coconut or chant some Mantra and pray before their favorite God.. But I did not do any such kind of deeds before writing this blog.. Do you ever do like this... But surely you hold good thoughts and hopes while initiating something good....

It is when I was in school I used to write the first few pages of my neat new copies in pretty good handwriting but subsequently when I have finished writing pretty big portion of the copy my handwriting would become careless and untidy .. And at the end, the copy must have been deformed, dirty and tore out. This is just an example...Usually it's a very common concept that a work seems interesting when we begin it but gradually interest in the work fades out.... Being swayed by the idea that "All that begins well ends well", we initiate something with a big bang of celebrations and emotions; for instance we do celebrate our marriage ceremonies with lot of investment of money and time.... But do all the marriages initiated with grand parties and celebrations succeed? Many of those turn strained due to intolerance and difference of opinion and sometimes do stick only for a year or two; then what's the fun in showcasing its first day with big parties spending huge amount of money? By the way I am not telling that initiating something with big emotions and celebrations is altogether bad or I am not doing so myself... I also like marriage ceremonies with big social gathering and grand parties... But I think whatever the starting may be but a persistent approach of beautiful tomorrow is always better..... So I believe whatever may be the beginning, their should be consistency in effort so that the end will be well.... I believe "All is well that ends well.." 

So I would prefer to write my first post rather with a trivial matter... I surely am not going to make a great beginning..... I would start with a nightmare that I had last night... It's true, for some days I am not very much satisfied with my performance, my approach towards a task...... Perhaps why I had a nightmare of unknown dead bodies... Although I had been indifferent to my pleasing dreams and nightmares since the days I became little mature in my thought, I wanted to get some meaning of my dream the very moment I woke up....... Thanks to Internet which solves many of my problems and answers many of my questions quickly to my expectations. I am moving from darkness to light, through the help of Internet.....yeah.. 

You know, once I was a person with full of dogmas and superstitions... Most of all, I was thanatophobic (a person fearing death). When I was in my childhood and youth, coming across a death made me depressed for several days not only because of the sorrow of someone being departed, but also I was foreseeing my death.... that is because of the realisation that everybody must die someday and also it would happen to me.... This fear in me probably made me superstitious... I do remember, while I was +2 while in a fun palmistry session one of my friends told me that since the lines of your left palm are broken, you would die soon. Although I took that easily at that moment, went on pondering upon her words afterwards. I observed my palm quietly for several days without telling the cause of my worries to my grandmother with whom I was staying then. My palms ultimately gave me knowledge...... Somebody from inside whispered "How beautiful your palms are! large, blush and deep .... why are you not taking advantage of your lovely palms instead of hooking to silly thoughts .. I wore a smile; soon all my fear vanished.. I went on watering the plants making those lively and fresh; I served tea to my grand parents, broomed all the houses, managed all my books, copies and homework... My Grandmother said what a magic.. and I thanked secretly to my palms. Till then I have been seeing and giving gratitude to my palms every morning soon after rising from bed. I do remember a Sanskrit verse that makes a lot of sense..........

Karaagre Vasate Lakshmi,Karamuule Saraswati.
Karamadhye Tu Govinda,
Prabhaate Kara Darshanam.

If all the opportunities, fortune and wisdom that lord Vishnu, Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Saraswati mean reside in palm, how folly it would be to think any inauspicious thing about palm...... !

Am I that timid what earlier I was? Obviously not, I have started thinking in terms of reasoning through collecting informations.. Yes I was talking about nightmares. I found the meaning of my nightmare as loss of any opportunity, complete seizure of a phase of life and beginning of a new phase; from several given meanings I choose the best suitable one for me... Now I think seeing "dead body" is a good dream, not a nightmare... Earlier I was mistaking... Life is full of opportunities; if one is missed the other will show its face. Old phase has to be seized unless how will the newer one enlighten me up? It's up to me only how I precept life; as a nightmare or as a sweet dream!!! 


  1. Apa bahut badhia touching and superb expressive abt ur childhood and palms...i never thought n this way, really we must thank our hands...i loved that sloka abt palms...:)