Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sometimes I wish- "Could my roads, lanes and town turn as beautiful and clean as told in a fairy land!", "Could there be no disease, no accidents, no slums, no beggars!", "Could this building be little smaller than mine to make me enjoy an early morning Sun!", "Could that person change his nature!" so on and so forth.... But shall my wishing alone be going to make any change?

I think all problem lies in human mind and all solution to soothe it in an appropriate way. There are numerous things happening around us or being part and parcel of our life against our own desire. But should these unavoidable circumstances or things lessen our spirit and zeal of living? Obviously not. What would be the result if we oppose the truth, if we deny to accept our own circumstances and fight against it? There will be a lot of discontent within, growling, frowning and ultimately loss of peace of mind with no solid solution.

Practically speaking we have limited or no control over the external forces. Weather forecasters forecast a good monsoon but if monsoon doesn't come they can't bring it from somewhere. Doctors try to make a diseased person back to life but not against God's desire. Every accomplishment needs hard work but every hard work does not assure great accomplishments. I certainly have limited control on the future happenings or the consequences of my actions. But at the same time I can't deny the action altogether for the risk factor involved in it. I have to face it, do it and act upon it with full control over myself only. Yes it is only "me" on whom I have control. I can act upon controlling my tempers, my detrimental thoughts, worries, meanness etc instead of poking nose to change outside events and natures. I might not like a persons behaviour but if I work on changing his/her behaviour I would end at making my behaviour still worst than the person whom I wanted to change. So it is always better not to try  changing other persons behaviour that we don't like through interference, nagging, advising, suggesting etc as we know it won't work at all.

Someone would have that ability to change outside forces only if he has remarkable control over himself. Mind is a little kid to whom the one would parent. When one makes a good parent of the stubborn and irritating mind it will be as calm and wise as to find befitting solution for the toughest most riddles in life, to change the most difficult persons around and the most ugly and unpleasant situations coming across....

Now, should I complain for the things I don't like; should I be unhappy for the unpleasant happenings not caused by me? If I desire to bring some change, I have to parent, teach and prepare my mind to be a better reformer rather than simply being a reproacher.... Isn't it?