Friday, March 23, 2012

Me and my cycle

Then I used to ride bicycle back and forth between college and home every day. On the middle way, every day I would have to face a big hole on the center of road. That hole was big enough even to make any absent minded pedestrian fall and get hurt.. I was not a pedestrian yet was pretty absent minded.. Often while being immersed in my land of imagination I used to discover myself fallen with my bicycle near the pit. I then decided to avoid that altogether and to come through a different route.. but that route was awfully crowded and was not suitable for me. So I began pondering upon that problem of mine ... I never desired such a situation when my bicycle and I would have to fall and get hurt every day! I began to think that how come so many people staying nearby the pit are safe and sound while moving with their respective bikes and cycles whereas I was the only person to face the music... as if the pit was created to punish only me for some abstract reasons! I then decided to get down from cycle near the pit and cross that by walking.. It solved my problem; yet I felt embarrassed seeing small boys crossing the pit with half pedaling of pretty bigger cycles than that of their respective sizes. I cried of my inefficiency and decided to try again to learn crossing the hole riding my adorable cycle....

A sense of fury and avenge was created inside me that time when I was miserably hurt while endeavoring the adventure of the crazy small boys. I began to curse the Government who can't maintain a road for a simple college going girl to ride a bicycle safely! I was sure..I had no mood to prepare and participate for any adventurous sports.... But I didn't know whom to say, whom to raise my matter of agony... Suddenly a verse from Odia book from remote childhood lurked in mind's eye...

"Tuma pari chota pilaatie, gaan chaahaalira chaata sie, cheheraati taa'ra daula daaula, buddhire taahaara sarikie"

I was of course not a small girl, neither was having an intention to mind for others' problem... simply I wanted to solve my problem.. That too the great Gopabandhu way....It was no big deal for me. But the only problem was my shame and shyness for people around me... If people see me while filling up the hole, what would they think!! How much ashamed I would have to be! Several such thoughts whomped in mind...

And I decided in mind my next course of action that is to do the task only sharp at 4 o'clock in the morning when no one would be there on road. I took a bamboo basket to collect mud and an ax to dig. I had already informed my grandmother about my venturing, with a lot of reluctance she did let me go... and our raita Nidhi Mausha followed me to help me in my work. Together we could make a very beautiful temporary cover for the pit with mud and pebbles.... I was so much happy for my achievement and began feeling worthy of myself... And surprisingly there was no more the temporary cover of the pit the next day. I don't know who really had mend the pit permanently... But I was so much happy because I became instrument for the permanent solution of a common problem while searching for the solution alone for myself..

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  1. Col JC Mahanti (RetdAugust 17, 2014 at 9:22 AM

    Reminiscence are great